About the Company

Only one thing thrills us more than anything else: Good Food.  A passion that we all have in common. Canned goods  “VegaStar”: Made of finest vegetables and spices. An eternal love, born from long tradition. A great love you will never lose. A lot of water has passed and a lot of successes has been gathered,since 1993. Because, at VegaStar’s home, only the best vegetables become the best canne goods.
Because, since the beginning, tradition, experience and know-how have been the ingredients of the tasty & high-quality goods “VegaStar”. Because The Traditional Bulgarian Taste is our motto and primary fundamental mission. Taste, combining the purity of ecological vegetables and high technologies

Numbers usually don’t talk much, but they say everything. VegaStar’s numbers say a lot more, and say it well.  They tell us about workers’ skill, planning and strategies, quality. Numbers speak openly: factory with 120 permanent employees, 100 decars own farm, 150 different types of canned goods, production of over 1000 tons per year, 70% of which is exported to USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Israel, Argentina and a lot more. At Bulgarian market the demand and selling of our goods grows bigger like an avalanche – in the big stores like “Fantastiko”, “Billa Bulgaria”, “Boila”, “Oazis”, “Lovico Sofia”, “Princessa & Sie”, “Elemag”, “VMV” and others. Because the only thing that justifies success on the market is the excellence of the products. And the goodness of VegaStar’s products is beyond question. High quality is obtained through a careful selection of basic materials. Technology, efficiency and right management are the primary arguments, which excellently face up national and international market success. All great objectives need a valid basis. Most of all we talk about quality, which is where VegaStar concentrates most of its energy. An avant-garde technology and it’s constant evolution, and controlling the quality standarts from the eginning to the end of the process are the reasons why VegaStar’s modern factory is capable of producing more than 150 different types of canned vegetable goods.